Notamvis prides itself on its people, as we know they are the most valuable brand asset and are integral to the success of both the organisation and its clients. We have built a team of likeminded individuals who are passionate, driven, and instilled with a belief in their work and purpose.
We trust and believe in every member of our team to deliver exceptional service to all stakeholders and clients. We nurture and support every team member in their professional lives, creating individual career journeys based on their passions, skills, and education.
While our advisers have decades of experience with governments, charities, and corporates worldwide, at its core, Notamvis is a meritocracy. We encourage and support our staff, regardless of age, gender, faith, or background. We guide our people to positions of responsibility within both the company and the brands we create, advise and manage.

André Brown

Sunya Alidina

Theo Baker

Craig Yamey

David Currie

Irfan Dabhad

Moe Dakkoury

Alex Enmarch

Manal Shire

Alex Ferrigno

David Harvey-Cooke

Maxime Helard

Stephen Lord

Aiminath Sulthana

Kelly Norville

Bruno Rauhofer