For the Notamvis Brand Creation service, innovation and creativity are intrinsic to everything we do. We provide a unique full-service offering taking the first glint of an idea and concept and turning it into a successful brand and business ready to launch. We ensure the brand will stand on its own two feet, covering everything from the brand story and brand image, to product and service design, to formulating a marketing and communication strategy.
To offer such a holistic service, our team is comprised of experts at the forefront of their respective industries: branding; financing; trademarking; business development; research; marketing; and communications. We aim to truly understand our clients’ vision, and create brands with strong DNA and values, to ensure their Brand LegacyTM is safeguarded for years to come.


Notamvis’ Brand Advisory service prides itself on providing an innovative and pioneering brand advisory service to luxury and unique brands. The passion we have for our clients’ brands and strategies sets us apart, delivering sustainable success and enhanced brand value.
Notamvis Brand Advisory is the partner of choice for individuals, corporates and governments. Using our unique ideologies of Brand DNATM, Brand 360TM, and Brand LegacyTM we assist our clients in making informed and evaluated choices while creating and developing new concepts or strategies for acquiring new brands.
Our team has a passion for enhancing brand value.


Notamvis’ Brand Management team is responsible for the successful delivery of luxury and unique brands and their strategic objectives. Our work spans three distinct phases: inception, involving the creation of a brand and strategy; incubation, ensuring that the idea becomes tangible and gains desired market presence; and management, offering full support and oversight of all daily business operations.
We have specialist teams who can take and enhance our client’s brand or strategy on the next stage of its journey. Utilising our Brand Operations and DeliveryTM (BODyTM) approach, we oversee, implement, and deliver each aspect of a project or strategy to achieve success for our clients.


Notamvis’ Brand Engagement service is comprised of experts who have delivered engagement strategies on a global scale in areas such as luxury brand customer experiences, government PR and crisis management, and technology industry communications.
Our team’s expertise covers marketing, PR, social media, influencer management, CRM, communications and events. We have a proven track record of successful creation, implementation, and delivery of engagement strategies, and ensure a seamless brand experience across all customer and service user touchpoints for our clients.


The success of any brand or strategy is intrinsically linked to its people. At Notamvis, we believe it’s the people who make the brand that makes the difference.
Notamvis’ Brand People service has a proven track record of getting the right people for our client’s strategies and brands, recruiting, training, and developing individuals and teams across all organisational levels for our clients.
We utilise our unique Brand DNATM approach to identify key skill-sets and personality traits required in the individual or team for the successful execution of our client’s strategy and delivery of their brands.