Notamvis is a London-based
Brand Asset ManagementTM company which creates, advises and manages luxury and unique brands.

Brand Asset ManagementTM is creativity balanced with fiscal discipline, ensuring enhanced brand value for our clients.
We are pioneers of this innovative approach to Brand Asset ManagementTM.
We create, advise, incubate and manage brands. We are renowned for the quality of our people, the values we share, and our dedication to delivering exceptional services for our clients and stakeholders.
Our innovative approach is intrinsic to our work and has a proven track record of delivering successful brands and strategies globally.
Notamvis’ approach is built upon three core concepts: Brand DNA, Brand 360TM, and Brand LegacyTM.
Brand DNA
At the core of any brand is the brand DNA. By understanding our client’s vision(s) we ensure the client has the right skillsets and people to deliver a successful brand or strategy.
It’s the people that make the brand that makes the difference.
Brand 360TM
Brand 360TM is the constant evaluation of a brand and strategy across all touchpoints, thus creating and enhancing a seamless brand experience for all stakeholders, customers, clients, or service users.
Brand LegacyTM
Our Brand LegacyTM approach safeguards and enhances the future of the brand in a changing marketplace.
Together, they are fundamental to how we deliver luxury and unique brands and effective strategies. Working together, these three distinct concepts enable us to offer a truly holistic service to maximise the brand experience.